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Every great university deserves a great library.

For over 200 years the Health Sciences and Human Services Library (HSHSL) has provided the knowledge and research support infrastructure for the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). The HSHSL has grown and thrived along with UMB. From Dr. John Crawford's founding collection in 1813 to today's digital collections, the HSHSL has evolved, meeting the needs of students, faculty, researchers, clinicians, staff, regional partners, and so many others. While the iconic building at the corner of Greene and Lombard, completed in 1998, provides the bricks and mortar emblematic of the physical library, the HSHSL is the on-ramp to a world of digital transformation in scholarship, research, open access, data, archives, unique historical collections, and support for both early career and seasoned researchers. Basic funding is not enough for a library with aspirations to rise beyond the ordinary or adequate.

Innovation and collaboration are the hallmarks of the HSHSL. From cutting-edge training courses to curricular integration. From health literacy to combatting misinformation. From local to regional outreach - the HSHSL is recognized as a leader among health sciences libraries.

  • Local, Regional, and National Impact. For over 35 years, the HSHSL has served as one of seven regional medical libraries for the National Library of Medicine (NLM), part of NIH. Competed every five years, this prestigious agreement provides financial support for library employees and funding for the many projects, products, and services of the NLM. The HSHSL has taken lessons learned from this project and applied them to outreach projects in West Baltimore, the state, the region, and beyond. Efforts to meaningfully engage with the community and provide access to high-quality health information deserve to continue.
  • Support for early career researchers AND open access. Three years ago, the HSHSL launched a pilot project to help fund the author publication charges of early career researchers in open access journals. In 2024 the fund was expended in only four months. The HSHSL is committed to supporting the growth of open access publishing at UMB. Open access publishing must be supported.
  • Preserving UMB's scholarship AND heritage. The UMB Digital Archive, created and supported by the HSHSL, is a home to the "gray literature" of UMB - reports, videos, posters, and publications of diverse organizations that might be lost without this digital preservation. We would like to expand this role to include FAIR data - Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable - from publications, - providing UMB scholars, authors, and researchers with a home for storing data included in publications and meeting the mandates of federal funding agencies. Preserving the history of UMB while also providing a stable home for digital scholarship and assets is essential.
  • Data, innovation, and learning. Researchers and students needing support visualizing and manipulating data or access to public data repositories, turn to the Center for Data and Bioinformation Services, located at the library. UMB innovators and entrepreneurs visiting the Innovation Space create low-cost 3D prototypes for experiments and their ideas. A Presentation Practice Studio, also in the library, provides a space to practice presentations and record materials for hybrid and online learning environments. These initiatives transform lives and thrive with your support.
  • Equipping the library of the future today. The beautiful and engaging HSHSL space was completed and open to the public over 26 years ago. Each year over 140,000 people visit the physical library building. As we move in the future, we must be good stewards of physical library spaces, from study rooms to restrooms and everything in between. The financial cost of operating a building year-round is tremendous and limited budget options do not always provide sufficient funding for updates to support new initiatives. Your support can contribute to space enhancements to ensure the building remains an inviting space for years to come.
  • Preparing the team for the future. The most valuable component of the HSHSL is its team of excellent staff and library faculty. Whether integrated into the curriculum, serving on Institutional Review Boards, building databases and repositories, helping a user with a research question, contributing expertise to grants and contracts, or growing scholarship within their profession, this team is outstanding. For a library to succeed, library employees need to learn, expand their knowledge base, and grow.

The cost of running a library continues to rise while state budgets continue to shrink. New initiatives are not typically covered by basic library funding which barely covers the cost of books and journals.

We cannot pursue or expand on any of these projects without your help.

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Making a gift to the Health Sciences & Human Services Library via the University's Giving Website is easy and safe. Be sure to specify the Health Sciences and Human Services Library as the fund to receive your support.

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You may send a check, made payable to:
University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc.

Send to:
Library Dean
Health Sciences & Human Services Library
601 West Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-1512

Descriptions of HSHSL Funds

Established during the 200th anniversary celebration of the founding of the HSHSL, this unrestricted fund provides support for any library need including special events, furnishings, technology, publication funds for young researchers, and many other non-state funded projects.
Dr. William Kinnard, former dean of the UMB School of Pharmacy established this unrestricted fund to support relaxation and rejuvenation from the rigors of university studies, research, and care through the provision of a comfortable place and current magazines and best sellers.
A longtime supporter of the HSHSL, Dr. Charlotte Ferencz established an endowment in support of the Library in digitizing collections and making them publicly accessible through the worldwide web.
Dr. Theodore Woodward, a UMB icon, for who the HSHSL Historical Collections Suite is named, endowed a general fund to meet any Library needs as they arise.
Technology underpins everything the HSHSL does and this endowment, established by the Helena Foundation and Dr. James and Sylvia Earl, ensures that new and emerging technologies can always be acquired.
A knowledgeable library faculty and staff are the lifeblood of the HSHSL. This endowment, established by the former Library Dean and her husband, supports learning and professional development not only for the Library Faculty and Staff but also for relevant programming for the university community.
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