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Health Sciences and Human Services Library
University of Maryland
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Baltimore, Maryland 21201-1512

Staff Directories

  • The Library Directory provides listings for staff of the HSHSL.
  • The Campus Directory provides listings for faculty and staff of the University of Maryland, Baltimore and for the University of Maryland Medical System.

Phone Numbers

Information Services 410-706-7995
Course Reserves 410-706-7995
Collection Management 410-706-7760
Resource Sharing 410-706-3239
Digital Archive 410-706-6849
Library Administration 410-706-7545
Research and Education Services 410-706-7373
        School of Dentistry Librarian - Mary Ann Williams 410-706-8863
        School of Dentistry Librarian - Shanell Stephens 410-706-8862
        School of Medicine Librarian - Christine Pabon-Buck 410-706-6885
        School of Medicine Librarian - Nicole Shelawala 410-706-8868
        School of Nursing Librarian - Emilie Ludeman 410-706-6852
        School of Nursing Librarian - Yunting Fu 410-706-1315
        School of Pharmacy Librarian - Emily Gorman 410-706-8875
        School of Social Work Librarian - Gail Betz 410-706-2379
Center for Data and Bioinformation Services (CDABS) - Amy Yarnell 410-706-1551
Innovation Space - James Stephens 410-706-0405
Presentation Practice Studio - Thom Pinho 410-706-7161
Historical Collections - Tara Wink 410-706-5048
NNLM 410-706-2855
Metadata Management 410-706-7975
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