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Doing Research?

The HSHSL's suite of research services is free and open to UMB faculty, staff, and students. For those outside of UMB, fees may apply.

  Help With Your Research

  • Research Consultation - Personalized assistance in developing literature search strategies, using databases effectively, and managing search results. Assistance is tailored to your project, paper, grant application, etc.

    Request a Research Consultation
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  • Systematic Reviews - Partner with a faculty librarian on your systematic review. As members of systematic review teams, librarians design and manage complex, comprehensive searches in multiple databases and contribute to writing search methodologies.

    Read about our service | Request a Systematic Review Consultation
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  • Research Data Management Services - Follow best practices in research data management. Meet with a member of our team for assistance with developing a data management plan, or in locating, describing, storing, or sharing data.

    Read about our service | Request a Data Management Services Consultation.
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  • Expert Literature Search - Experts perform searches of the journal literature in a variety of databases. Citations and abstracts are delivered via email or as a file compatible with a citation manager of your choice. Also use this service for IACUC's literature search requirements involving animals in research.

    The Literature Search service is offered to UMB faculty and staff -- students are encouraged to schedule a Research Consultation.

    Request a Literature Search.
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  • IRB Research Consent Form Review - We will review your research consent form and make comments and suggested edits to help ensure that it is at an appropriate reading level for study participants.

    Request a Research Consent Form Review.


  Publish and Present Your Research

  • Decide Where to Publish - Librarians will assist you in identifying journals for publication. We will provide individual consultations and group presentations on journal selection, open access journals, predatory publishers, copyright considerations, and selecting publications to maximize research impact.

    Read about Publishing | Request a Publishing Consultation
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  • Copyright/Your Rights as an Author - Follow best practices in copyright. Meet with a member of our team for assistance in understanding copyright law, Fair Use, the TEACH Act, obtaining permissions, and authorship rights.

    Read about Copyright | Contact us with a copyright question
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  • NIH Public Access Policy - We will check your NIH compliance status, assist you in the compliance process, or provide individual consultations and group workshops. See step-by-step instructions for becoming compliant or Contact us.
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  • Poster Printing - We offer poster printing to all UMB faculty, students, and staff and University of Maryland Medical Center staff in support of academic, professional, and research purposes.

    Read about our service | Request a poster


  Increase the Impact of Your Research

  • Research Impact and Visibility - We will develop a publication and citation report for individuals, research groups, or departments that includes citation counts, average citations per article, h-index, citer analysis, and more. We also advise on strategies to increase research impact and visibility.

    Read about our service | Request a Research Impact Consultation | Contact us to request service for a group.
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  • UMB Data Catalog - The Catalog is a searchable collection of records describing datasets generated by UMB researchers. To increase the visibility of your research data and to support data re-use, meet with a member of the data catalog team to discuss entering information about your dataset.

    Visit the UMB Data Catalog | Contact us to include your dataset
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  • UMB Digital Archive - Include your scholarly output such as articles, posters, and presentations, in the Archive. Have a permanent location and a URL to include in an article or your CV.

    Visit the UMB Digital Archive or Contact us.


  Bioinformatics and Innovative Technologies

  • Bioinformation Program - Offers you expertise, information resources, and training focused on Bioinformatics and computational biology for health science research and practice. The Bioinformationist is available for one-on-one or group consults in the library or in the lab.

    Read about our service | Request a Bioinformation Consultation
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  • High Performance Computer (HPC) - The HPC has state-of-the-art hardware and commercial and open source software for performing analysis of experimental data, such as scientific images, sequence reads, and flow cytometry files.

    Read about the HPC | Book a time to use the HPC
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  • Prototyping and Digital Fabrication - The Innovation Space is designed for innovative and collaborative hands-on learning experiences. It offers virtual reality stations, 3D printers and scanners, and more. Our expertise helps you bring design ideas to life.

    Read about the iSpace | Request an Innovation Space Consultation
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