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The HS/HSL's Research Connection is a comprehensive suite of programs and services designed to advance the success of UMB faculty, staff and students. Faculty librarians collaborate with you in each step of the research process: idea exploration, review of the published literature, information management, authorship, assessing the impact of research and more. Use the expertise of a faculty librarian to add value to your research experience.

Research Connection is free and open to UMB faculty, staff and students. For those outside of UMB, fees may apply.

Research Consultation

Meet one-on-one with a faculty librarian for personalized research assistance. Consult with us about a research project or in how to use a specific information resource or tool such as PubMed, CINAHL, Scopus or RefWorks.

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Systematic Review

Faculty librarians can partner on systematic reviews. We will design and manage complex, thorough searches in multiple databases. We will provide you with results in a citation manager such as RefWorks, detailed search strategies, and a narrative of the search methodology.

Read about our service | Request a Systematic Review Consultation


Bioinformation Program

The Bioinformation program offers you expertise, information resources, and training focused on Bioinformatics and computational biology for health science research and practice. The Bioinformationist is available for one-on-one or group consults in the library or in the lab.

Read about our service | Request a Bioinformation Consultation


Research Data Management Services

Following best practices in research data management can help you, your lab, or center secure grant funding and create data output that becomes part of the scholarly record. Many funding agencies are requiring that plans for managing data be submitted with grant applications. Meet with a member of our data management team for assistance with developing a data management plan, or in locating, describing, storing, or sharing data.

Read about our service | Request a Data Management Services Consultation


Expert Literature Search

A faculty librarian can perform an expert search of the journal literature in a variety of databases and deliver the search results to you. Search results (citation and abstracts) are delivered through email or through RefWorks, which includes links to full text. Consider using this service to fulfill the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)'s literature search requirements for involving animals in research.

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Research Impact Assessment

Collaborate with a faculty librarian to quantify your research impact for promotion, tenure, or grant applications or to otherwise gauge the impact of your work. We can gather data that measure research impact, using metrics such as h-index, citation counts, journal impact factor, and alternative metrics for individual researchers or for a group or department. We will provide you with a report tailored to your needs.

Read about our service | Request a Research Impact Consultation


NIH Public Access Policy Compliance

A faculty librarian can check your NIH compliance status, assist you in the steps needed to be compliant, provide one-on-one consultations or offer a workshop to your group. See step-by-step instructions for becoming compliant or contact us. Investigators funded by the NIH must submit or have submitted for them to PubMed Central an electronic version of their final, peer-reviewed manuscripts upon acceptance for publication, to be made publicly available no later than 12 months after the official date of publication.


IRB Research Consent Form Review

We will review your research consent form and make comments and suggested edits to help ensure that it is at an appropriate reading level for study participants.

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Publication Strategies Consultation

Authorship begins before you publish. Consult with a faculty librarian or arrange for a workshop for your group on topics such as measuring the quality of a journal, establishing a researcher identity/profile such as ORCID, maintaining copyright, or maximizing research impact before you publish.

Read about our service | Request a Publication Strategies Consultation


Build Research and Information Literacy Skills

Advance your students' ability to locate evidence-based literature, and help build their research and information literacy skills by including a faculty librarian as a guest lecturer in your class. To arrange for a lecture tailored to your curriculum, contact the faculty librarian assigned to your school. Faculty librarians provide in-person instructional sessions and online sessions to distance students.


Use Our Professional Expertise

Learn more about how we can collaborate with you. A faculty librarian with subject expertise is assigned to each school - Dentistry, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Social Work. We also have expertise in health literacy, community engagement, copyright, metadata assignment, global health, and more. For general questions, please contact the Information Services Desk.

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