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The Kinnard Leisure Reading Collection

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What is the Collection?

Dr. William J. Kinnard, Jr., a former professor, dean of the School of Pharmacy, and acting president of the University, believed faculty, staff, and students needed a way to relax their brains. This led him to establish the Kinnard Leisure Reading Collection in 2003. Thanks to the generous ongoing donation of Dr. and Mrs. Kinnard, the HSHSL provides a variety of popular magazines and a small selection of circulating fiction and non-fiction books. The collection is located on the first floor of the Library, in the bookcases under the staircase.

What does it contain?

Along with a small collection of recent best-selling fiction and nonfiction books, there are subscriptions to these magazines:

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Looking for something in particular?

Is there a title you've heard about and would like to read? Or is there a recent popular book you've read that you think the UMB community would enjoy? If so, please let us know and we will try to obtain it for the Kinnard collection.

Please note: The Kinnard collection consists of books leased from a service. Not all titles may be available.

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